The Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

Try the tool in work even when buying: pick up and try to do a few movements. It should not lead to fast fatigue of the hands and discomfort in the fingers.

Rules for selecting battery hedge trimmers

Such brushes are chosen by the type of batteries and their duration of operation. So, for example, there are more expensive models, where the charger is enough for 2-4 hours of trouble-free operation.

Also, when choosing, pay attention to the weight of the tool and its maneuverability. Therefore, give preference to hedge trimmers with a double-sided blade that can be used in any direction, and are convenient both for the right-hander and for the left-handed.

The advantage of battery hedge trimmers is their ability to use in a variety of areas and heights, since there is no binding to electricity. They are great for dacha use – their blade can cut branches up to 2 cm in thickness.

Affordable cost and relatively small weight – these are the main criteria for choosing the majority of people.

From the point of view of negative moments, one can mention their noisy work, which will hinder your neighbors. While environmental friendliness of use can bring this kind of instrument to the pedestal of the championship.

Pros and cons of an electric tool

Pros and cons of an electric tool

In comparison with battery hedge trimmers, the electric tool is much easier, since only the engine with the connecting mechanism of the blade and cable is cramped in its casing.

Thus, the average weight of the presented device does not exceed 3 kg. The devices are designed to work from the usual household voltage of 220 V. Different models use different lengths of the blade – an average of 30 to 80 cm.

When selecting a tool, pay attention to the maneuverability of the hedge trimmer you choose, because the longer its length, the less convenient it is to work with it.

When working in any case, you can not direct the blade to yourself.

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It should also be clarified that electric hedge trimmers are able to cut branches up to 3 cm in thickness, so if you have large fruit trees, the presented unit will not work for you.

Despite its advantages in the form of a small weight, an abundance of models of various manufacturers, low power consumption, noiselessness in operation and environmental friendliness, the user’s safety is not worth talking about.

An important factor when using an electric tool is the observance of safety procedures. The truckman needs to ensure that the cable does not fall under the blade, otherwise such a mistake and inattention can lead to serious and sad consequences.