How to Select The Right Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

In the accelerating rhythm of life of modern man, a constant lack of time is felt. A day is limited to 24 hours, of which the majority of the daily duties.

Sometimes there is no time for rest and energy for ordinary household chores, like cleaning an apartment or house. And the dust accumulates.

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner?

For a long time, automated assistants exist in the household goods market – robotic vacuum cleaners that can cope with the task in the absence of the owner.
iRobot Roomba 980 Robotdammsugare test

A classic vacuum cleaner, invented in the last century, is a pump in the housing that creates a vacuum in the hose, drives a large amount of air through a bag or plastic container, sucking dirt, debris and dust.

At the end of the hose there is a bristle brush to thoroughly clean the floor. The device operates on an electrical network connected via a power cord. Manually controlled by man.

The robot vacuum cleaner has a similar principle of operation, but has full autonomy from a person at work, due to: a battery, a set of orientation sensors in space, an on-board computer for programming time and operating modes.

Models of Roomba vacuum cleaners differ:

  1. The area Roomba can clean from a single charge. It is best to choose a robot vacuum cleaner with a larger cleaning area, as this indicator was calculated for a room without furniture and obstacles, and in the process of cleaning along the way there are also polluted places for which the robot spends more time, and moving from the room to another.
  2. View of the waste basket and the degree of air purification by the filter. The new Roomba models use the HEPA filter and the AeroVac and AeroForce wastebasket, with this combination of the latest technological advances, the robot cleaner shows the best cleaning result.
  3. Functionality. Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner with the necessary functions is a lot of important, as this will affect the cost of the product. The presence of a timer for 7 days, according to which the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner starts at the specified time, this function is available in all Roomba starting with the 650 model. LightHouse – allows you to customize the sequence of vacuuming, i.e. using special beacons, the robot vacuum cleaner cleans the first room, then the second, then the third … this property is in Roomba vacuum cleaners starting with the 780 model, and so on.


An ideal home should have two robotic vacuum cleaners.

If the task is to choose one robot – we strongly recommend that you choose iRobot Roomba for dry cleaning.

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