Makita Rp1800 Wood Router Review

The Makita Rp1800 is a plunge wood router that offers the speed of 22,000 RPM and is basically for series of wood cuttings like mortise and dadoes. Are you new in woodworking or you are a professional and you want a tool that gives best results in wood workings like cabinetry, furniture, doors, and windows working? Then the one like Makita Plunge Router is the right choice for you. This product is manufactured by the Makita Company in the USA. It is excellent with its performance. It is a model that is capable of delivering all types of wood operations with its features.


Here is the review of THE MAKITA RP1800 3-1/4HP Plunge Router:


  • It features a 3.4 Horsepower with a 15 AMP powerful motor.
  • It has Linear ball bearings and a micro depth adjustment
  • Plunge depth of 0inch to 2-3/4inches
  • A control switch built-in and also the comfortable rubber coat handles
  • It is a corded electric tool that has a voltage of 120 volts.
  • In addition are an extended-depth adjustment knob, wrench, 1/4inch collet sleeve and 1/2inch collet cone.
  • A template guide for ease-of-use and it weighs about 16 pounds.

The advantages:

  1. The Makita router with its powerful motor provides speed that ranges from 9,000 to 22,000, which offers a sleek routing. The 0” – 2-3/4” of the plunge depth is capable of cutting through the tough surface of any wood.
  2. Micro control of the plunge adjustment and the three preset depth are designed for accuracy. The plunge task is easy with the linear ball bearings and the handles for a comfortable and smooth project.
  3. It is provided with a shaft lock for the changing of the bit that is easy and fast, while the template guide makes the installment and removal to be easy. During the operation of the routing, the chip deflector of the tool makes the chips to be directed away from the user.
  4. A switch control and a lock-on prompt for a steady operation and also, while changing the bits, the reliable flat top allows for balance.
  5. With the help of the 1/4 inch and 1/2inch collet, the Makita Router delivers an excellent performance in furniture making, cabinetry, decking, windows, doors and all other wood jobs with an accuracy of the task well done.
  6. Makita RP1800 is a compact router that is well known for its features that deliver a good result and it comes with a 1-year warranty for assured performance.



For any type of plunge task, this product is one of the best routers that is dependable in delivering excellent performance. If your aim is to have accurate and smooth results in your tasks like furniture, deep cuttings, cabinetry, doors and windows –then you can trust Makita Plunge Router RP1800. Even a novice will find this router easy to use because it provides Easy-of-Use features.

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