Hedge Trimmers & Lawn Edgers

Choose an electric hedge trimmer taking into account the total volume of the fence and its location on the site. If the plants are not more than 30 m from the mains, network tools are suitable, because the length of their cord is usually limited to 30 meters. For longer distances, an extension cord is required. And yet this option is considered the most insecure, because there is always the possibility of contact with an electric current. The unit can accidentally slip out of inexperienced hands and hook on the cable. Often in the wires tangled feet. Yes, and in wet weather, work with a hedge trimmer is prohibited.

The second version of the electric garden hedge trimmer is battery type. It has an autonomous battery, as this example: http://www.jerusalem-in-exile.net/maintain-electric-hedge-trimmer/, which must be recharged before work. It is convenient to cut this tool if there are few fences on the site and they are located far from the power grid. But with large volumes and thick branches, the battery hedge trimmer can not cope. You have to recharge it several times, which is not very convenient. The battery lasts about 40 minutes. provided that the blades are not clogged. The more contaminated the cutting part, the less time the battery works.

The power of the electric motor is sufficient for branches with a thickness of up to 2 cm. Telescopic models are produced for high plantations.

Gasoline hedge trimmer: cuts everything, but noises

Hedge Trimmers & Lawn Edgers

Gasoline hedge trimmers are considered to be the most powerful class of tools, because their strength is sufficient for 3-4 cm thick branches. Such models are chosen by professional gardeners who have to work with large hedges. But you should take into account their considerable weight, because the tool often has to work on arms outstretched. So this technique will only draw men’s hands.

When choosing a gasoline hedge trimmer, pay attention to:

  1. Is there an anti-vibration system in the model and what class, because the health of the gardener’s hands will depend on this.
  2. Is the engine equipped with an exhaust filter system so that a person can breathe normal air.
  3. With an eye to what works, a cutting tool was created (cutting tall hedges, decorating figures of topiary, etc.).

Gasoline units are more noisy when working and pollute the air with combustion products. But only they are able to cut out the wild old bushes and even the small forest.

Gardening scissors

Gardening scissors

Also in the arsenal of gardeners there are scissors with long blades that look like ordinary household scissors or for cutting metal. They are used for cutting “under the ruler” or “by template.” In this case, shoots are equally trimmed in height, forming a “hedge”. If you plan a large amount of work, you can buy an electric model.

So, for a convenient and full-fledged work in the garden is not enough of a single tool. Especially if you have quite extensive “thickets”, filled with vegetation “for every taste.” After the winter, there will be enough work for everyone: the pruner, the cutter, and the hacksaw.