Furniture Storage for the Best Online Furniture Stores. Part2

You can find the first part of this series hereĀ

Whatever you reason for needing furniture self storage is, you should be able to find a local self storage business to help accommodate your storage needs. Here are some additional tips when storing furniture in a self storage unit; use old sheets and/or blankets to cover and protect furniture against scratches, stack pieces flat side to flat side to reduce scratching, take apart tables and other pieces that can be broken down to save on space, turn your couch on its end to save on floor space, spend the money on furniture cover and mattress covers to protect from dust and take out self storage insurance if available. You never know when you might need the coverage.


If you are looking to find furniture storage around your home you might want to reorganize your current floor plan to allow for those pieces you are trying to store. In the home office, try and use two small filing cabinets on either end of an old door or large square piece of wood, making your own desk. Utilize a small odd shaped dresser for an end table or media table. Many ottomans and benches now come with storage underneath the hinges; a great place for blankets, toys, magazines or other small items. Use an old table in the garage or craft room to have more counter and work space. Move older pieces to the basement and create a family room, play room or media room out of odds and ends. Have a large walk in closet? Put a tall dresser in there to help with items of clothing that can be put in drawers instead of hanging them up.

If your business is selling furniture then you probably store your furniture in some type of warehouse setting. The new furniture is wrapped to prevent dust and dirt from getting on the outside and to keep any unwanted critters out also. If there is any type of hardware, then those items are wrapped separately to avoid scratching and damaging the piece. Warehouses of furniture will utilize racks or stacks to store furniture and utilize the height of the warehouse. Furniture storage is a necessity for large furniture companies that carry a large inventory. Some pieces of furniture are unassembled and are boxed, saving the furniture company room in storage of bulky pieces.

So let us go over what we have learned. You probably already know the reason why you need furniture storage, now get it. Look for a convenient self storage business to store your furniture. Ask the self storage manager to assist with choosing a size to best fit your furniture needs. Ask the self storage manager if you will need climate controlled storage or regular storage for your furniture. Pack the self storage unit correctly to take advantage of the space. Safely pack your furniture in the self storage area so that items are secure and covered with blankets or sheets. Use mattress and couch covers and get the insurance if offered in your state. If you need to find furniture storage in your own home, look and see what if any pieces of furniture can be moved around or put into another room. There are many popular TV show about remodeling and decluttering to help you with ideas. Sometimes it takes a fresh eye to see your furniture in another place in your home, ask for help if needed.

Affordable furniture self storage is out there and these self storage businesses would love to have you as a renter. Most furniture self storage businesses will rent to you on a month to month basis so even if you only need furniture storage for a short time you will find a business that will work with you. If you know you are going to need furniture storage for a long or extended period of time, some self storage businesses will offer discounts for pre paying the months you will be there. Plus it never hurts to ask if the self storage facility you are calling offers any military, senior or student discounts to renters. Furniture storage can save you space in your home or office and should be a serious consideration if you cannot get rid of the pieces some other way. Call around, get the best price and make sure the place you want to store your furniture has good security. You will sleep better at night know that your treasured pieces of furniture are safe and secure and out of your home.

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