Furniture Storage for the Best Online Furniture Stores. Part1

Furniture storage is a common request for many self storage companies and even best online furniture stores. Why would someone need furniture storage? The reasons that you would need furniture storage are many and varied. When you are looking for storage for furniture you should first find a reputable self storage facility. The first reason that many people choose their self storage company is location. There might be a cheaper self storage place across town but convenience always rules out, even price.


Once you have established where you would like to have furniture storage, you will need to decide what size storage unit that will best suit your furniture needs. If you have no idea what size unit you will need, make a mental list or jot down all the pieces of furniture that you will be storing in your self storage unit. Then contact your self storage manager and ask their advice on what size unit they think you will need. Most all self storage companies have a storage guide to help them decide what size self storage unit they should recommend to the customer. The larger the unit size the more it costs, with the exception of any specials or deals a company might be running. Make sure that the height of the unit is taken in consideration when choosing a self storage unit size to store your furniture. The taller the unit means that you will be able to stack items and take advantage of the height rather that the floor dimensions only. The average small self storage unit usually runs about 5×5 and would not be good for storing any large pieces or quantity of furniture. The 5×10 unit could hold some small pieces while the 5×15 and up are better sized for storing your furniture.

Now the next question to ask your self storage facility manager is if you will need climate controlled storage for your furniture. If the self storage business you have chosen has both regular self storage and climate controlled self storage then they will be able to guide you in your decision. Sometimes self storage facilities that do not have climate control self storage will often tell people that they do not need it to store their furniture. They tell people this so that you will rent with them, so do some research and figure out if you will need climate controlled storage. Most of the time people need climate controlled storage for furniture is for antique pieces and leather furniture. The reason these two furniture items require climate controlled self storage is because of the range of temperature and humidity levels. Climate controlled furniture storage helps maintain a constant temperature year round with little or no humidity.

Now you are ready to rent furniture storage. Here are some common reasons why people call and ask for furniture storage.

  1. Have extra pieces that you cannot part with but do not have room for at your home
  2. Inherited furniture from a loved one Saving furniture for a college grad or newlyweds
  3. Remodeling and need space to work Water or smoke damaged furniture waiting to be cleaned
  4. Extra office furniture that needs to be kept off site from your business
  5. New baby or kids off to college
  6. Impending storm, flood or fire and need to evacuate 7.New home building goes over schedule and your deliveries are waiting
  7. Your business rents chairs, tables or other pieces of furniture
  8. Cleaning out your garage of collected furniture 10.You sell furniture on a popular Internet auction site
  9. Getting ready for a yard, garage or estate sale 12.De-cluttering your home for an upcoming home sale
  10. Staging your home with newer or updated pieces that fit the space better
  11. Military or job transfer and need to place items away
  12. Grown child or older parent needs to move back to your home
  13. Eviction or foreclosure Tenant eviction
  14. You are a pack rat
  15. You found a furniture sale and could not pass up the deal

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