Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

According to the type of cutting systems, the loppers are similar to the secateurs. Bypass cutters are intended for trimming “live” branches, and models with an anvil are cut off dry and old boughs. A unique type of brushes is a skyscraper (air pruner). It is a telescopic bar with adjustable cutting “claws” at the end. The handle, in which the cord is hidden, is smoothly pulled and activates sharpened blades. The maximum height at which you can trim is 6.5 m. At the same time, the skyscraper does not get stuck in the crown, and the branches can be cut at any angle.

There are models with a mini-saw installed at the end, which is started by an internal combustion engine or electrician. To create comfortable working conditions, high-rises can be equipped with a T-shaped handle, which increases the radius of their action.

When working with a jeep, consider that the smaller the applied force, the better the cut. Ratchet helps to reduce the effort.

Hedge Trimmer


The hedge trimmer is a simple tool that is used to prune young trees, form a hedge and care for shrubs. With its help cut lawns, thin out thickets, give complex shape to a bush and remove dry branches.

Tools with one-sided sharpening shear shoots up to 15 mm thick. The lower blade (base) supports the branch, and the top (honed) – gently cuts it. “Double” hedge trimmers come with a straight and wavy sharpening. Hedge trimmer with a straight sharpening is used for pruning of branches, and wavy sharpening is used for trimming coniferous trees, hedges and other branches up to 10 mm in thickness.

Correctly choose the length of the blades. The long length makes it possible to obtain a smooth cut. But short blades are useful for creating curly compositions. An ergonomic and comfortable handle is also very important for hand-held hedge trimmers.

Hedge trimmers come in several types:

  • mechanical (manual);
  • electric;
  • gasoline;
  • on the batteries.

The mechanical hedge trimmer is similar to conventional scissors with wide sharp blades. Suitable for rare, filigree work in the garden. For example, in cases where you need to cut a couple of currant bushes or trim a small hedge.

Electric hedge trimmer

It is a reliable garden tool that handles branches no more than 25 mm thick. It is usually used to create figured “green sculptures”. This device works quite quietly and does not harm the environment. Disadvantages: connection to the mains and inability to work in the rain.

Gasoline hedge trimmer

Electric brushcutter

The most powerful variety of corded hedge trimmer, it is used in forestry and communal services, in botanical gardens and experimental bases. The tool is designed for long and voluminous work with small interruptions. He is not attached to communications and is not afraid of moisture. However, it has quite a high cost, increased noise and vibration, and also a lot of weight.

Garden hacksaws and saws

Instead of the above-described tools, you can use special saws or saws. They are more suitable for one-time work in small areas, because their performance in large areas leaves much to be desired.